The Films of Judy Garland




My love for classic films inspired me to design and letter a series of retro title cards for the films starring my favorite actress, Judy Garland, while drawing inspiration from their original titles and the promotional ephemera created for the films.

Being a collector and a huge fan of classic movies, I found that the things I couldn’t collect in a tangible way were the artful titles created for some of the most memorable movies of all-time. I thought a great deal about how special title designs are to fans, and about their increased importance because they literally flash before your eyes. Before home video and the internet, the titles could only exist for fans in the form of their memories and revisiting long out-of-print films could be incredibly difficult.

My goal was to document, collect, and present an inspired, cohesive piece that represents a history of movie titles through one actress’s filmography while adding my own design language and take on each film. I wanted a specific history of typography and lettering to live together on a poster in a meaningful way.

I would watch each film with a sketchbook in hand, decide on my reference, sketch a solid idea, and then jump on the computer and try to finish one title in one sitting. I would try to complete three titles per week so that I wouldn't fuss too much and so that getting 34 titles finished in a few months couldn't turn into a few years! The pieces I created were 4x3 just like the 4:3 aspect ratio of the majority of the films themselves.

I began the project with a series of titles from films that most movie fans would associate with Garland: The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis, and A Star is Born. After those films, I started from the very beginning of her film career in 1936 and continued chronologically until her final acting performance in a film she completed in 1963.

The typeface I used for the captions under each card is set in a font called “Meyer Two” (misspelling of Louis B. Mayer’s last name intentional) which was one of five fonts that Linotype cut to Mayer’s personal specifications to be used at M-G-M in their film titles and silent film subtitles. It was drawn in 1926 and digitally revived by David Berlow in 1994.

Check out my Print Magazine feature about the project HERE.

The poster was printed at the original one-sheet poster size (27" x 41") on a beautiful metallic stock with a filmic quality that might remind you of a vintage silver gelatin portrait you might have received after writing to your favorite M-G-M star.

(I've sold out of two editions of the poster but if you're interested in purchasing a copy please do get in touch!)



Pigskin parade

1936  ·  20th Century-Fox  ·  as Sairy Dodd


broadway melody of 1938

1937  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Betty Clayton


Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry

1937  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Cricket West


Everybody Sing

1938  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Judy Bellaire


Love Finds Andy Hardy

1938  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Betsy Booth


Listen, darling

1938  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Pinkie Wingate



1939  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Dorothy Gale  ·  Academy Award Winner for Best Young Actress


Babes in Arms

1939  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Patsy Barton


Andy Hardy Meets Debutante

1940  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Betsy Booth


Strike Up the Band

1940  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Mary Holden


Little Nellie Kelly

1940  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Nellie Kelly and Little Nellie Kelly


Ziegfeld Girl

1941  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Susan Gallagher


Life Begins for Andy Hardy

1941  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Betsy Booth


Babes on Broadway

1941  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Penny Morris


For Me and My Gal

1942  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Jo Hayden


Presenting Lily Mars

1943  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Lily Mars


Girl Crazy

1943  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Ginger Gray


Thousands Cheer

1943  ·  M-G-M  ·  as herself


Meet Me in St. Louis

1944  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Esther Smith


The Clock

1945  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Alice Mayberry


The Harvey Girls

1946  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Susan Bradley


Ziegfeld Follies of 1946

1946  ·  M-G-M  ·  as “The Star”


Till the Clouds Roll By

1946  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Marilyn Miller


The Pirate

1948  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Manuela Alva


Easter Parade

1950  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Jane Falbury


Words and Music

1948  ·  M-G-M  ·  as herself


In the Good Old Summertime

1949  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Veronica Fisher


Summer Stock

1950  ·  M-G-M  ·  as Jane Falbury


A Star is Born

1954  ·  Transcona / Warner Bros.  ·  as Esther Blodgett  ·  Academy Award Nomination for Best Actress



1960  ·  Columbia  ·  as herself (voice)


Judgment at Nuremberg

1961  ·  United Artists  ·  as Irene Hoffman  ·  Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress


Gay Purr-ee

1961  ·  UPA / Warner Bros.  ·  as Mewsette (voice)


A Child Is Waiting

1963  ·  United Artists  ·  as Jean Hansen


I Could Go On Singing

1963  ·  Barbican / United Artists  ·  as Jenny Bowman


I also created 8" by 10" “lobby card” versions of each title card design that were also available on metallic stock featuring cast information and release dates stamped on the reverse.