The Wizard of Oz • 1939


My love for old movies, Judy Garland, and “The Wizard of Oz” inspired me to have a little fun and design and letter this retro title-card of sorts. I’ve always been obsessed with the deco motifs found throughout the Oz set designs and lately I’ve been enjoying and inspired by the quirky lettering that was created for the trailers and movie titles in films of this era.


There have been many different typographic solutions created for the promotion of the film ranging from this quirky type used in a rare trailer from Cairo in 1939 (above left) to the US re-release trailer in 1948 (above right) and, of course, the classic iconic serif type from the official main titles seen below.


Of all of the deco motifs in the Emerald City I have always loved these circles of diamonds and the framework on the walls in the background.