For Me and My Gal • 1942


Here’s a new title card I’ve designed, illustrated, and lettered for the next film in my Judy Garland movie title series!

I didn’t love the Star Wars type from the trailer or the tuscan lettering from the main titles so I decided to reimagine the title card as a super-fancy chromatic wood type poster hanging outside of The Palace Theatre in 1919.

In For Me and My Gal, a group of Vaudevillians encounter romantic challenges and World War I in their hopes of making it big at The Palace Theatre in New York City. It’s Gene Kelly’s very first film and Judy’s first role playing an adult closer to her actual age. She’s not a little kid anymore! This is an underappreciated gem of a musical!


The typography in the trailer is very bold and reminiscent of something from Star Wars.

The main titles have some nice tuscan details.


Here's a gorgeous photo of Judy and Gene:


Here are some lovely pieces of ephemera that showcase many different type solutions for the film’s title.


Here’s the theatrical trailer for the film: