The Great Gatsby

Poster Design and Lettering


Design, Typography, and Lettering

Art Direction, Copywriting
& Additional Design

Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers


The Heads of State


Communication Arts Design Annual, Communication Arts Typography Annual,
AIGA Philadelphia Design Awards,
Under Consideration

I had the extreme pleasure of interning with Jason and Dusty of The Heads of State during my final semester before graduating from Tyler School of Art. I have long admired their work during my design education and had an amazing experience working with and learning from them.

The poster is a four-color letter-pressed print on 140-lb. French Poptone Sweet Tooth depicting calling cards inspired by Gatsby’s colorful guests one summer, found in chapter four of The Great Gatsby. In this chapter, many names of Gatsby’s guests are listed, however, little information is given as to who they were or what they might have done. With some research and authentic art deco typographic references, we were able to give each person a complete identity, including contact information and their occupation.