The Gershwins and Me: A Personal History in Twelve Songs

Book Cover, Interior, and Deluxe Package Design


Design and Typography

Art Direction

Paul Kepple


Melcher Media, Simon & Schuster
(client of Headcase Design)


Print Magazine Regional Design Annual, Communication Arts Typography Annual, 
Judy Garland NewsThe Dieline, AIGA Philadelphia Design Awards

I am a huge fan of the American Songbook and was thrilled to have the opportunity to design a celebratory tome about the Gershwin brothers and their illustrious careers. The Gershwins and Me is a comprehensive deluxe box set written by the celebrated entertainer, educator, and historian Michael Feinstein, that tells the fascinating story of the Gershwin brothers’ lives through twelve of their most iconic songs. 

The box set contains a 352-page hardcover book, a newly-recorded CD of said twelve songs, and a memorabilia folder housing various reproductions of ephemera collected by Michael himself.

The design solution for the package was inspired by sheet music covers, typography, and patterns from the music industry in the 1930s, but presented with a modern sensibility. To help create an authentic art deco experience, materials such as a canvas textured cloth for the large slipcase, bronze metallic foil stamping, an uncoated stock for the book’s 3-color jacket, and a black silk ribbon to hold the CD in place were used.

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Michael at his book signing in New York City and it was a great joy to discuss our favorite Gershwin songs and our favorite singers of the American Songbook, many of whom he knows personally.

While working on this incredible project, I myself researched one
of Michael’s vintage photos and was able to identify a previously unidentified musician, James Rosenberg, who played the taxi horns.
I was thrilled to be able to contribute even a small detail to such a already rich history.

Deluxe Edition Packaging

Memorabilia Folder

CD and CD Packaging

Book Interior Design