FUDS: A Complete Encyclofoodia
from Tickling Shrimp to Not Dying in a Restaurant

Book Cover and Interior Design


Design and Typography

Art Direction

Paul Kepple

Engraving-style Illustration

Nancy Januzzi


Bloomsbury USA
(client of Headcase Design)

Since the FUDS parody menu went viral in the Brooklyn foodie scene, then the broader food world and then online in 2012, people have been clamoring for more of the deliciously absurd humor that characterizes the FUDS brand. The young comedians behind it have written an entire “cookbook and field guide” including tips on planning a seasonal menu that's likely to make your guests ill, tips on kitchen safety that could leave your sous-chefs badly charred, and recipes for all the FUDS classics, including: “Shitty Chicken Spanked with Cinnamon-Garlic Dirt and Dimpled with a Freshwater Whale-Tit Sauce” and the cult classic “Bill Clinton Sandwich.”

The cookbook is designed and illustrated with a straight face referencing classic French cookbooks and typography using two spot colors (metallic gold and black) and Wall Street Journal-style illustrations that add to the sophisticated look, with a layer of authenticity disguising the hilarity of the writing and content.


Jimmy Fallon reading from FUDS: A Complete Encyclofoodia on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.