Harry Potter: The Complete Series

Book Cover and Package Redesign Proposals


Design, Typography, Illustration,
and Art Direction


(client of Headcase Design)

As a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, and having grown up with the anticipation of a new book and new cover reveal, I was thrilled to work on a couple of redesign proposals for a complete relaunch of the series for a new generation of readers who may have not grown up with the series as it was being written.

It was a fun challenge to imagine someone discovering Harry Potter for the first time and what I would want them to see first. In my proposals, I referenced my favorite plot points and iconic story elements in a subtle way, using borders, icons, and patterns, rather than focusing on a large illustration, to keep things as mysterious but insidery as possible.

Although Scholastic opted for a more painterly Photoshop illustration style proposal in the end, I was very pleased with my design proposal and plan on finishing the cover illustrations for each book of the series.

(The cover illustrations shown were completed by me personally after the proposal using placeholder illustrations was rejected. I plan on completing illustrations for each title of the series but until then I have repeated those that I have finished. More will appear here very soon!)

Book Cover Redesign Proposal #1

Book Cover Redesign Proposal #2

Package Redesign Proposal