Alexander Hamilton: Revolutionary

Book Cover and Interior Design





Feiwel & Friends

Designing a new biography on Alexander Hamilton, one of the most talked-about Founding Fathers was a very satisfying challenge, especially due to the extraordinary success of the Hamilton musical.

Hamilton’s presence on currency is well known, so I wanted to create something for the cover that felt timeless and emphasized his role as the first U.S. Treasury Secretary. In addition to an elegant hand-drawn border, I incorporated subtle typography around the cover’s edge that states the many roles Hamilton played in the nation’s founding. The cover also features a foil-stamp, uncoated paper, and hand-sculpted embossing.

The project’s budget only allowed for a one-color interior so I chose a yellow stock and used more than a few design tricks with a rich Pantone brown ink, along with textured layers in InDesign, to make each page appear aged and more traditionally typeset, rather than digitally printed.